District Conference 2024-  Why attend?  

Come to Penticton, from the Sylix Okanagan nation’s snpink’tn, meaning “a place to stay forever.” We are situated between two lakes, with over 15 acres of premium sandy beaches paired with a refined urban centre, orchards and vineyards, and diverse accessible trails perfect for outdoor adventure.
1. Special Guest Speakers
2. Breakout Sessions
3. Youth Exchange Presentations
4. Getting to hangout with some really cool Rotarians
5. Learn what others are doing in the district
"Being in the same room as hundreds of other Rotarians is one of the most inspirational experiences you will ever have. You feel connected to not only neighboring club members but the entire world. It's truly something to experience and really opened my eyes to the amazing potential of our organization."- Michelle Shermer
You know that feeling when you get a brand-new planner with all those clean, empty pages just waiting for your big plans? I’m totally that person who can spend hours in the office supply aisle, dragging my daughter along for the ride. She’ll tell you, it’s an adventure!

But hold up, why am I talking about planners in the same breath as our District Conference? Well, it’s all about those endless possibilities. Who here’s been to a district conference before? Think back to when you decided to sign up. What made you do it? And then, what happened after the conference wrapped up?

If you haven’t been yet, let me spill the beans—it’s a game-changer. Imagine this: a whole bunch of strangers turning into friends right before your eyes. And get this—they’re all on the same mission as you, but their stories? Diverse and mind-blowing.

So, as we get hyped for the District Conference, let’s remember—it’s more than just another event. It’s our chance to hang with our Rotary family, learn some cool stuff, team up, and add our special flavor to the mix of kindness and good vibes. 

The District Conference will be held in Penticton, BC (Get your passport or enhanced ID ready), May 2-5, 2024. Now is the time to register

Check out what other members of our club are saying. 

"The Rotary District Conferences are informative, fun, and an opportunity to meet fellow Rotarians from throughout the Rotary District 5060"-Ken Robertson

"Super fun to meet interesting people from all over our District! Made friends that I still keep in touch with. "-Carin Smith

 "Attending D-5060 Conferences over the past few years has proven gratifying and personally rewarding.   From working on a sample community project collaborating with quick-minded, tech-savvy, and energetic Interact and Exchange Students to joining an Indigenous BBQ Salmon Feast; or meeting fellow Rotarians to exchange ideas about Club leadership or fundraising.  It is always engaging and self-satisfying.  It seems we always receive more benefits and value than we contribute.   "-President Gary Provo

Catch you at the conference! Get ready to rock it!