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These are recently inducted members.  (Scroll down for LOSSES)
2022 - 2024
Dec 21:  Bethany Alhaidari (Jill Leonard) and Pat Simmons (John Simmons)
Oct 19 - Sean Fitzgerald (Kalahar)
Aug 10 - Scooter Harter (Gary Provo)
July 13 - Eunice Youmans (Gary Provo)
June 15:  Katrina (Borth) Bohart, proposed by Jill Leonard
May 11:  Reuben Mayes, proposed by Jill Leonard
April 06:  
Kris Kruse, Realtor, proposed by Jamie Quinteros
Heavan Henderson, Camp Fire summer camp director, proposed by Thomas Everly
Jaana Hatton, Freelance Writer, proposed by Jill Leonard
Mar 23:  Becky Berg, School Superintendent (E. Wenatchee), transferred from of Marysville Noon Rotary, PHF, proposed by Michelle Price
Mar. 02:   
Tom Leonard, engineer, proposed by Jill Leonard (Corporate)
Lee and Roberta Alley, retired, proposed by Jill Leonard
Troy Fitzgerald, pastor, proposed by Jill Leonard
Brian Wendeborn, heavy equipment sales, proposed by Alice Myer
Jan. 19:   
Nancy Grette, owner, Alatheia Riding Center, proposed by Jill Leonard (corporate)
Kathy Gut, retired educator, proposed by Carin Smith
Jan. 05: 
 James Pumphrey, Humane Society Director, proposed by Dawn Davies
Linda Anderson, Alatheia Riding Center, proposed by Clover Simon (corporate)
Oct. 27:  Anna Collum, Office manager, proposed by Tom Ross;
Malachi Salcido, owner The Salcido Connection, proposed by Brian Campbell.
Oct. 20:  Kevin Litterell, manufacturing, proposed by Jill Leonard (corporate)
Sept.  22:   Katie Blair (former RYE), proposed by Kory Kalahar
Sept.  8;  Alfonso Lopez (return, proposed by K. Kalahar), Nathan Darling, officer with Salvation Army, proposed by Russ Speidel
July 25 - Jon Volyn; Attorney, rejoined, sponsored by Pete Van Well (Inducted Aug. 4)
July 01 :
Clover Simon - Development Director, Alatheia Riding Center; proposed by Michelle Shermer
Jamie Quinteros - Realtor, Coldwell banker Cascade, proposed by Ken Robertson
Xavier Arinez - CVCH Manager, proposed by Rachel Evey; former Rotarian Warwick, RI, Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
December 16 - Veronica Arroyo-Perez, recent scholarship recipient, proposed by Michelle Shermer
October 14 - Natalie Williams, retired engineer, proposed by Meliesa Tigard
September 02 - Kimberly Andrew, realtor and part owner of Chateau Faire LePont winery, sponsored by Michelle Shermer.
July 23 - Robert Jourdan, Superior Court Judge, proposed by Russ Speidel
June 07 :
   Dr. Terra Winston, Owner Earth Naturopathic, proposed by Jill Leonard
   Lauren Scanga, Commercial insurance sales Executive, proposed by Jill Leonard
   Taylor Sharp, Director, Humane Society, proposed by Dawn Davies
   Ray Dobbs, a prior member, transferring from Chelan RC.
Jan 21 - Kelli Scott, sponsored by Russ Speidel
Dec 03 - Phil Schultz, sponsored by Jessica Kendall
Sep 04 - Sam Dilly, proposed by Carin Smith
February 20 :
   Leslie Freytag, Executive Director, Pybus Public Market, proposed by Gil Sparks.
   Meliesa Tigard, Executive Director, Focal Point Education Services, proposed by Laurie Flarity-White.
February 03 - Jon Magnus, Honorary; WHS teacher, Interact Advisor; PHF (2015); sponsored by Susan Albert and the board.
Feb. 06 -
   Sean Cooper, asset manager, self employed, proposed by Garry Sparks
   Jodi Gerber, Sales/Catering Mgr., Visconti's Hospitality Group, proposed by Pete Van Well
   Rich Monroe, Account Exec., Cherry Creek Media, proposed by Pete Van Well
November 07:
   Ken Roberson, LTC   US Army retired, & Commonwealth of VA HR Director, sponsored by Allan Galbraith.    
   Matthew Michelson, sales manager for Swire Coca Cola, sponsored by Pete Van Well.
September 05 -
   Ricardo Iniguez, associate principal of Wenatchee HS,  was proposed by Jessi Mendoza.   
   Robert Cox, and wife Cheryl and daughter Samantha, proposed by Gil Sparks.  Robert is the new executive director of the Performing Arts Center.
August 1.   Shannon Sims, Director of Sales, Health Alliance NW, proposed by Tom McNair.
July 18Jessica Kendall, Assoc. Director Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, proposed by Lorien Clemens
May 9.    John Simmons.  Proposed by Pete Van Well.  He is a CPA with Homchick-Smith Associates.
May 9.    Rachel Evey.  Proposed by Phil Rasmussen.  She is Excecutive Director, WVC Foundation.
April 4.   Keni Sturgeon.  Proposed by Gil Sparks. She is director of Wenatchee Valley Museum/Cultural Center.
March 28.  Frank Jorgensen.  Proposed by Phil Rasmussen.  Frank is a self-employed building contractor.
March 21.  Jordan Baldock, general manager Cascade Auto Center.  Sponsored by Gil Sparks.
Jan 24.   Trisha Johnson.  Red Lion Sales/Catering Manager proposed by Pete Van Well.
Oct 18 Ashley Gillum.  CWU Education admin., proposed by Laurel Turner.
Sep 6 - Charlie Miracle, Accounting manager; proposed by Judy Connor.
Aug 30 - Mark McCants, proposed by Pete Van Well.  Recreational therapist.
Aug 23 - Tom Arnold and Lorien Clemens, proposed by Gil Sparks;  Pethub owners.
July 5 -    Kay Gilbert, Community volunteer, proposed by Gil Sparks;  Tamara Burns, Douglas County government, formerly of E. Wenatchee Rotary, proposed by Linda Evans-Parlette;   Chris Goehner, proposed by Mike Kintner,  Classification is Sales Management.
June 21.     Michelle Price  NCW ESD Superintendent, proposed by Marcia Henkle.
May 17.      Carin Smith, Veterinary medicine consultant, proposed by Gil Sparks.
April 19.      Major Ralph Jiminez, pastor and commander of Salvation Army, proposed by Dick Reed.
March 15.  Jim Brink, engineering consultant, proposed by Ford Barrett. 
March 15.  Jon Volyn, attorney, proposed by Nate Bishop.
March 15.  Tom Everly, youth leader with Camp Fire NCW, proposed by Pete Van Well.
December 21.   Tracy Hazen, Confluence Health, replacing Kim Gulett. Effective January 1.
November 9.   Joel Lhamon is proposed by Al Bridges.  He is a retired advertising exec.
September 7.   Barbara Walters is nominated by Gil Sparks.  She is acting director of North Central Regional Library.
August 24.   Brett Riley, proposed by Phil Rasmussen.  He is VP of Admin. Services at WVC.
June 01.  Sandy Covey, proposed by Susan Albert.  She is a counselor for chemical dependency and attended the Kelowna district conference.
February 23.  Dorry Foster, CEO of YMCA; proposed by Don Myers.  
She is pictured on the YMCA web site .
January 26.  Stacy Spurlock, book keeper with CliftonLarsonAllen, proposed by Angela Spies.
December 29.   Dan Maher, IT professional with Fast Net Security, sponsored by Gary Provo.
December 1.   Kristen Hankins  &  Casey Brown, Confluence Health.
Kari Demarco , Coldwell Banker Lavigne.  
Tyler Mickey , Moss Adams.  Former Rotarian in Seattle.
November 10.    Kelli VanWagner and Kimberly Gullett of Confluence Health as corporate members, replacing two other Confluence members.  These are both healthcare managers and sponsored by Stephanie Grubich
September 29.  Dick Reed
September 8.   Laura Drew
September 8.   David Olson
September 1 - Talia Butler
August 18 - Alexandria (Alex) Smith,    Kamorlay Parker
June 23 - Michelle Shermer
April 21 - Amanda Keller
Recent Member losses
First Name Last Name Termination Date
Veronica Arroyo-Perez 30-Dec-23  
Anna Collum 4-Dec-23  
Jaana Hatton 29-Dec-23  
Ricardo Iniguez 30-Dec-23  
Kevin Litterell 15-Dec-23  
Matthew Michelsen 22-Sep-23  
Jamie Quinteros 30-Dec-23  
Dick Reed 30-Dec-23  
Thomas Ross 29-Jun-23  
Marili Rounds 30-Jun-23  
Keni Sturgeon 29-Jun-23  
Byron Truswell 15-Jun-23  
Brian Wendeborn 29-Dec-23  
Dec. 31 - Mark McCants, Sean Cooper, Dawn Davies, Jessica Kendall, Barbara Walters, Ashley Gillum
Sept 09 - Taylor Sharp
August 21 - Kimberly Andrew
August 01 - Carmen Bossenbrock (deceased)
June 29 - Ray Dobbs, Ralph Jiminez, Sue Rose
June 12 - David Olson
June 06 - Rich Monroe
May 24 - Lorien Clemens
April 14 - Jim McDonald   (deceased)
January 24 - Laurel Turner
December 31:
   Tom McNair (PP)
   Dave Gellatly
December 17 - Paul Pankey (Honorary, deceased)
December 11 - Dr. Terra Winston
December 6 - John Diede
November 8 - Sam Dilly
September 29 - Bob Rowe (Honorary, deceased)
July 29 - Leslie Freytag
July 21 - Jodi Gerber
July 14 - Ruth Esparza
June 20 - Tom Arnold
April 05 - Phil Schultz
Mar 30 - Garry Arseneault
Feb 17 - Frank Jorgensen, Trisha Johnson
Jan 06 - Gil Sparks (PP)
Dec 30 - John Divis
Jul 12 - James Wade
May 22 - Alfonzo Lopez
Jan. 25 - Phoebe Nelson
Jan. 17 - Abel Noah
Dec. 30 - Jim Rosenau (PP, deceased), Melvin Johnson (PP, deceased), Bob Bugert, 
Nov. 30 - Stan Hoyt (deceased)
Nov. 21 - Dan Maher, Robert Cox, Cheryl Cox, Samantha Cox
Oct. 19 - Alfred Stojowski, PP, PDG (deceased)
Sept. 15 - Jerry Copp (deceased)
July 6 - Terry Sorom, PP (deceased)
June 29 - Mario Cantu,  Chuck Clugston,  Daryl Ferguson,  Tom Welch
June 20 -  Richard "Dick" Harris, PP, PDG
May 17 -  Bradi Dahmen,  Jon Volyn
April 21 - Kay Gilbert
April 13 -  Carol Norton (deceased)
April 9 -    Danielle Marchant
April 1 -    Tamara Burns
Mar 12 -   Stacy Spurlock, Tracy Hazen, Katrina Borth
Dec 26           Joel Lhamon
October 18    Bob Culp, Dee Curcio
Sep 6.             Chris Goehner
July 31.         Deb Andre (Confluence)
June 30.       Jim Russell (PP),  Sandy Covey,  Steve Wright,  Kayla Van Winkle,  Lorna Klemanski,  Casey Brown,  Kristen Hankins,  Tracy Yount
June 1.         Sandy Cohen
March 30.     Rich McBride
January 18.  Christina Davitt, Mary Timiras, Chip Small
January 13.  Randy Fenich
December 31.  Maynard Man, Kamorlay Parker
November 30.  Norma Gallegos
August 19.  Kimberly Gullett, Kari DeMarco
June 30.  Frank DesPlancke, Chris Rumbles
April 21.  Marianne Rumbolz
March 8. Chris Baker
February 2017 -  Genie Lutz, Alex Smith, Kelli Van Wagner
December -  Stacy Lockhart, Steph Grubich, Talia Butler, Sheila Salmon, Amanda Keller
November  -  Ben Sappington, JoEllen Colson, Sarah Elliott, Stacy Sykes, Robin DeRock
October  -   George Buckner (deceased), Richard DeRock, Don Elfving
September -  Don Reichert PP (deceased), John McDarment (PP)
August  -  Debra Liske, Robert Scea (deceased)
July  -  Brian Etzkorn
June - Jesus Hernandez (PP), Melissa Hernandez