Clean Water for Milot, Haiti
The Wenatchee Club (227) has had in interest in Milot, Haiti, since 2010. Milot is a commune (town) in the north of Haiti, with a population of just over 30,000 people. It is the site of a large regional hospital which has been visited by Wenatchee physicians for many years (see video). When local Rotarians first joined those physicians during a visit after the earthquake of 2010, they saw an urgent need for purified water. Wenatchee Rotary subsequently provided water-bucket filters and then a larger SunSpring Hybrid water filtration system that has been successful in providing clean water for the school and local families. Wenatchee Rotary also funded a now-self-sustaining micro-finance credit project in Milot to help women start small home-based businesses to create family income.
Over the coming few years, the goal of this Milot water filter project is to transfer it to local control such that it is self-sustaining. The Wenatchee Rotary Club would like to have one other club join us in this effort.
NEEDED NOW for this committee are Rotarians who have knowledge of creating sustainable, community-driven aid projects, and experience in transferring management to local control.  Rotarians who speak French or Creole would be especially helpful.
The Wenatchee Club will be helping the community of Milot to take over the management and ownership of this filter system within the next several years. We welcome another club to join us in this effort to ensure this system is self-sustaining. As we learn more about larger-scale, sustainable water projects through our work with HANWASH, we hope to eventually apply that new knowledge to help the community members of Milot to develop sustainable, larger-scale further sources of clean water.
For more information, contact Bill Murray, Milot Committee Chair.