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Wenatchee Rotary has been offered the opportunity to join Confluence Rotary this summer to raise funds by selling concessions (including adult beverages) at some of the Gorge events.  Click the link at the bottom of this page to signup.  All volunteers must have completed the "TIPS" training and certification required by state law for alcohol sales, and possess a current class 12 or 13 MAST permit.  Most of our interested members completed the training May 7.  Participating organizations must be non-profit (NPO). 
Earnings are based on the amount of product (alcohol) sold. We get a percentage (5%). The more energetic the volunteers the more product sold and the more tips collected.  [Rob Tidd confirms that in 2018 Confluence netted about $17K when working at 3 concerts].  The plan for this year is for all the Rotary clubs to be under Wenatchee Confluence Rotary just like last year.   Rob Tidd will serve as overall Group Leader and has confirmed that our liability insurance under Rotary International meets the requirements of the venue.  Very soon all volunteers will be provided with further important details, such as work schedules, transportation and what to bring.  Below is a list of events, and links to volunteer and calendar pages.  Click the signup link OR email secretary Frank to be signed up.
July 13 Saturday Beck Band      5 PM - midnight
August 2 Friday Watershed, day 1 10 AM - 5:30 PM
August 2 Friday Watershed, night 1      5 PM - midnight
August 3 Saturday Watershed, day 2 10 AM - 5:30 PM
August 3 Saturday Watershed, night 2      5 PM - midnight
August 4 Sunday Watershed, day 3 10 AM - 5:30 PM
August 4 Sunday Watershed, night 3      5 PM - midnight
August 9 Friday Mumford & Sons      5 PM - midnight
August 10 Saturday Avett Bros. Band      5 PM - midnight
August 30 Friday Dave Matthews Band      5 PM - midnight
August 31 Saturday Dave Matthews Band      5 PM - midnight
September 1 Sunday Dave Matthews Band      5 PM - midnight