Polio Hero
May 29, 1928 - July 31, 2022
Polio Hero
Member Wenatchee Rotary Club
December 1987 - July 31, 2022
Paul Harris Fellow +4
... speaking to Congress about Carmen.
Carmen working as a physical therapist in the 1950s
helping polio victims.  She worked closely with Dr. Ed Cadman,
who went on to become president of Rotary International.
 5/24/2018.   She received an award from
District Governor Bill Jenkin on her birthday
Carmen with her great friend Penny Carpenter.
Carmen with polio survivor Gloria Wadell.
03/27/2019.  She received a Polio award
from District Governor Sherry Chamberlain.
Carmen with her original sponsor Earl Tilly and 
Gloria Waddell, a polio survivor
She received more recognition at the District 5060
Conference in Wenatchee, 04/30/2022,
when her caregiver Alice Nieman was
honored with a Paul Harris Fellow.
Carmen is seen here at Discon 22 with Alice Nieman,
Pete Van Well, and keynote speaker
Alan Toy, a polio survivor
Carmen, our oldest member, and our
youngest, Veronica Arroyo-Perez.
She always had a smile.
She enjoyed talking with our Rotary Exchange student
Olivia Greenwood-Jack (January 2018)
10/19/2017.  She addressed the club on
her polio experiences.
Carmen at Home, May, 2021.
The memorial service in Cashmere, 08/09/2022.