Volume LXXI(71) - # 33
February 17, 2022
February is Rotary's Peace & Conflict Prevention Month
With Eloise Barshes
ZOOM #92/Hybrid #41
Sponsored by Ken Robertson
Attend via ZOOM OR in-person at
Pybus Market Event Center
   recurring ZOOM access -
   [Or dial 253-215-8782; enter meeting ID - 484-306-077#]

Chelan Douglas County Volunteer Attorney Services was founded in 2002 by the Chelan Douglas Bar Association to ensure that income is not a barrier to legal help for people in our community who are facing civil legal problems.  Our mission is to bridge the justice gap in an equitable way that offers folks facing the most barriers to justice, a path forward.  Civil legal issues can include family law, housing and evictions, employment, vacating criminal records, wills and estates and consumer/bankruptcy issues.  

Eloise Barshes grew up visiting grandparents in the Wenatchee Valley and her great grandparents in Waterville. In 2014 she moved here with her husband, who she met when they were serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in Armenia, and their 2 children. In 2015, Eloise began working as the Executive Director for Chelan Douglas County Volunteer Attorney Services. In the role she has incorporated her experience as volunteer coordinator and health educator with her education in systems thinking to grow the organization’s capacity and impact.  In addition to her work, she is happy to support her children’s school as the PTSA Co-President at Lewis & Clark Elementary, she spending time with her family and skiing in the winter, and kayaking and paddle boarding in the summer.




The meeting was conducted at Pybus Market Event Center.
It was a virtual (ZOOM) Hybrid session, and
was opened and led by club president, Alice Meyer.
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NOTE:  All indoor meetings are currently held in venues where face coverings are mandatory.  Please honor the requirements of these establishments by wearing face-coverings properly.
PAUL HARRIS POINTS.  Earn free bonus PHF points toward your first Paul Harris Fellowship award.  Scroll to bottom of announcements.
   AUCTION UPDATE.  The exciting auction results revealed!   
Watch the 30-second video HERE
Dorry Foster, a recipient for the YMCA, is pleased!   But it's not over yet.  
Tickets are still available for The Pig Roast and The Wells House Experience, and Pete and Mike have yet to complete their promised exploits.
To get tickets, contact Pete Van Well HERE, or to make a donation, mail a check to our PO box.
MICHELLE'S INITIATIVESThe amazing Michelle Shermer (our president 2024-25), is leading the way in several areas.  Today, she announced 2 important things:   #1, the need for volunteers for her District 5060 Environmental Sustainability Committee and #2, openings for Peace Fellowships, an incredible opportunity.  
For details contact Michelle HERE. or learn more about #1 -
Join Zoom Meeting Thursday, Feb. 17, at 5 p.m
Meeting ID: 872 3295 2994
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Important dates to save - More later on all of these
Feb. 23 - TRF GALA; see below.  Register and earn bonus PHF points.
March 15 - Women in Rotary (see below)
March 19 - Spring Training (CSTE) on ZOOM (see prior years HERE); we need 10 minimum
March 24 - Venue change; we meet at Rocky Reach Dam Visitor Center (reserve lunch 1 week early)
May 7 - Apple Blossom Grand Parade, Sunrise Rotary raffle "Road Apple Roulette"
May 12-13 - District Conference in Wenatchee  (This is a BIG deal for us)
June 25 - Butte Blast Bike Ride, Chelan Rotary ($65 early bird until March 01)
WOMEN IN ROTARY.    March 15, 2022  5:00pm-7:00pm
                                       Residence Inn, Wenatchee
                                       No Host Bar and Food available for purchase. 
CLOSING .   President Alice closed the meeting with a trivia question suitable to honor Valentines Day.  What iconic singer recorded this special song?   Watch the video.
ROTARY FOUNDATION (TRF) GALA FEB. 23 A sequel to the 2021 celebration, ticket price is $120, with $100 of which will be credited towards your Paul Harris Fellowship award, if you include your Rotary member ID number.  That number can be found in your ClubRunner profile, or on our published member list HERE.  It runs from 5 PM to 7 PM PST.
Earn double PHF points for attending.
GUESTS.     Teresa Samuelson, Exec. Director, Campfire NCW;
Lisa Melvin, CASA (no pic)
Jennifer Henderson, Express Pros,
Jeff Hemp, getting a makeup (Yakima resident, Pasco Rotary)
BONUS PHF POINTS.  Certain club members are offering PHF points as incentives to attend upcoming district events.  The Paul Harris Fellowship award requires 1000 points, from donations or gifts from others.  Each PHF point is earned by donating $1.00 to the The Rotary Foundation (TRF).   These points can be given to others (their only purpose).  Here is how you can earn points toward your first PHF award.
District event Bonus points
Register for the TRF Gala at a cost of $100 200
Attend the CSTE training (a no-cost event) 100
Attend the District Conference 200
With Jeff Wilkens
View ZOOM recording HERE (available for 2-3 weeks)
Zoom #91, Hybrid #40.   
See Jeff's bio in previous APPLESEED.

The speaker was introduced by Britt DudekJeff Wilkens is the Executive Director for the the Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council (CDTC)   He used a PowerPoint to explain about the agency and what it is doing.  The members are appointed; most expenses are paid from local taxes. 

Jeff's focus was to explain some of the current planning for long-term traffic-improvement projects.  See some of his images below.    Watch the ZOOM video for complete details, linked above.   A helpful flyover video was shown, taken from the City of Wenatchee website.  



Dear AppleSauce:   What’s the deal? You did not answer Pinky’s poorly-phrased question last week!
                                     - Faithful DA Fan
Dear FDF;  To Pinky’s query regarding why flamingoes are pink: At birth, flamingos are muddy gray and eat a substance called crop milk that is regurgitated from its parents’ throats (yummy). When chicks start eating brine shrimp and algae (the bird’s main diet) the carotenoids in the algae (same stuff that makes carrots orange) turns flamingos pink. Likewise, flamingos that eat fish as their primary diet are blue. Why the interest in this colorful birds, one might ask. A group of flamingos, much like yours truly, are known as a flamboyance!
Dear Applesauce:   Will you be my Valentine?
                                        --- Mr. Wondering
Dear MW;   You poor, lonely creature. Despite Dear Applesauce playing hard to get, you are relentless. Of course, I will be your Valentine. In fact, consider DA the eternal Valentine of all you wonderful Wenatchee Rotarians. Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all.
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Board meetings 2nd Thursday
  4:30 PM, ZOOM, with exceptions
   Meeting ID:92794079436
January 29, 2022
Listing of officers and directors may be viewed on website home page.
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Feb 17, 2022
Volunteer Attorney Service (VAS)
Feb 24, 2022
Chelan-Douglas Land Trust
Mar 03, 2022
Our Valley Stronger
Mar 10, 2022
Chelan County Regional Justice K-P Program
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