Volume LXXI(71) - # 44
May 04, 2022 (ASCL)
May is Rotary's Youth Service Month
May 12 - 15 / ATTEND ALL OR PART
Who needs to attend?  You!
Excellent Keynote speakers include Michael Caruso,
Chris Offer, and a movie actor.
You don't want to miss this exciting event ...
right here in Wenatchee!
Also, volunteer to be a Home Host; contact Pete Van Well for details.
And register before the fee increase. 
Convention Center
(No Thursday meeting)
[All images and text taken from the Apple Blossom Festival website without permission]

Join us for an afternoon honoring our 2022 Apple Citizen of the Year, community leaders, and hearing from our Keynote Speaker, a longtime broadcaster and original Seattle Seahawk, STEVE RAIBLE. We are very excited for Steve to join us!!

Tickets are $25 each, or $250 for a table of 10.  Open to the public!

A longtime broadcaster and original Seattle Seahawk, Steve Raible has been a fixture in the Pacific Northwest for almost half a century. He was the trusted face and voice of KIRO-7 News for almost thirty years.  And after retiring in 2020, the station named its news broadcast facility "The Steve Raible Studio".  Raible continues to be the "Voice of the Seahawks" as the team's radio play-by-play announcer, a job he's held since 2004. He filled the role of color analyst for 22 years before that.  Raible has called the biggest games in franchise history, including the team's Super Bowl 48 Championship over the Denver Broncos. 



View ATTENDANCE HERE for this and recent meetings.  
See list of important dates below.
AUCTION FUNDS DISBURSEMENT.    President Alice presented a check in the amount of $38,400 to The Wenatchee Rotary Foundation (WRF), a gift from our "For the Kids" Auction, to be used for scholarships.
Accepting was Tom Ross, president, who spoke briefly about his gratitude, and pride in the legacy of this program.  A check for 10% of this amount was presented to club by the WRF in appreciation for auction services, and accepted by treasurer Allan Galbraith.
CHANGES TO MEETINGS.   No regular meeting May 5 - Join many of us at the All-Service-Club Luncheon on May 4.  We meet at WVC May 12 & 19;  Rachel Evey explained location and that parking is not free this time, just off 5th street.   More later.
Next Board meeting is Tuesday May 10.
May 02, 21 - Service project opportunity at Pybus, Nick's Bricks (See below)
May 4 (Wednesday) - All-Service Club Luncheon (Steve Raible, speaker); no regular meeting
May 7 -  Grand Parade, Sunrise Rotary raffle "Road Apple Roulette"
May 12-15 - District Conference in Wenatchee
May 21 - Rotary Pig Roast at Rotary Park, 3 PM.  Contact Pete
May 25 - Memorial service for Jim McDonald, 11 AM, St. Joseph's
June 10 - Rotary Party at Historic Wells House.  Contact Pete.
DISTRICT CONFERENCE. President Alice gave an overview of the conference, and explained some good reasons to attend.  She showed a video of one the keynote speakers Michael Angelo Caruso, doing one of his traditional entertaining routines.
PP Pete Van Well again appealed for our members to jump on board and be 'home hosts' on Friday night, where you can take visiting Rotarians to your home or other venue for dinner and fellowship (you choose how many and where).  Registration is unnecessary volunteer for this.
Pete and Gary Provo also promoted the Pig Roast on May 21 , noting that beef brisket has been added to the menu.
BRAG.   Ken Robertson described his trip to California where daughter Julie was married. He and his wife arrived home last night.
BONUS PHF POINTS.  Certain club members (Paul Harris Fellows) are offering PHF points as incentives to attend upcoming district events.  The Paul Harris Fellowship award requires 1000 points, from donations or gifts from others.  Each PHF point is earned by donating $1.00 to The Rotary Foundation (TRF).   These points can be given to others (their only purpose).  Here is how you can earn points toward your next PHF award. 
District event
Bonus PHF points
Attend the District Conference 5/12-15 (Wenatchee)
Serve on a District committee 200
Attend RI Convention, Houston, 6/4-8
Notify the club secretary if you have accomplished any of the above.

NICK'S BRICKS.  Another proposed service project by Matthew Michelson:  We are looking for volunteers to help with assembling the kits Monday, May 2nd from 3PM-6PM. Here are some of the details. Any interested folks can email me, we just need their name, email address and cell phone number.  SEE COMPLETE DETAILS.  

Saturday, May 21, 2022, will be the 4th year of this event in Wenatchee, Washington. Nick’s Bricks is an inclusive large event where children young and old gather to play and have fun with Lego “bricks”. It has become a Premier event at the Pybus Public Market.

Monday, May 2nd 3-6pm Lego Kit Making Pybus Public Market – Local Tel Events Center · Volunteers needed for an assembly line type packaging of the sealed Lego bags to give away at Nick’s Bricks. Need approximately 40 volunteers. We will be packaging 800 kits for give away. No experience needed! Training will be on the job! · We will need about 4 people with trucks, to transport the boxed loose Lego’s to the event center that day, from about noon-2pm. They are stored in a nearby mini-storage facility.


NCESD, with Cari Horning
ZOOM video recording (available for a short time)
(includes announcements)

Cari was introduced by her sponsor Rachel Evey of the Program Committee.

The importance (and steps) of getting our students informed, credentialed, and prepared for careers, locally & beyond. Career Connected Learning, at its core, is connecting the students of NCW to local careers and the skills necessary to attain and flourish in those careers and our communities.

Cari is thrilled to introduce local students to the career opportunities in the region and leading tours with industry partners.  She told stories of various experiences with students and guest speakers.  She explained the intricate and complex Continuum Framework, which consists of Career Awareness, Preparation, Exploration, and Skills Training.   She also explained the partnership with WASAC, the Washington Student Achievement Council , a cabinet-level state agency working to raise educational attainment through strategic engagement, program management, and partnerships.   NCESD also arranges career expo events to introduce students to various fields of work.

Information on financial aid is available via the QR code (at right), and clarification was provided by an animated Youtube video.  See some of her images below.

About Cari.  Cari is married to her high school sweetheart since 1991, Greg.  They raised two daughters, Kendall & Piper on the family farm. Kendall graduated in 2021 from Walla Walla Community College with her Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Agriculture and Piper is a Junior at San Diego State University studying Environmental Sciences. 

A lifelong love of athletics led to her initial career, working for Reebok & Nike for the better part of 15 years.  While her career has bobbed and weaved with the circumstances of life, she chose to stay home for 15 years to see their oldest daughter through the medical needs accompanying being born with two genetic conditions.  She found herself back in in the workforce in 2018 as the NCESD Career Connected Learning Specialist for Grant & Adams County.


Dear AppleSauce:   What is the strangest thing in your refrigerator?
        --  Enquiring Ernie
Dear Ernie,
Either three-month-old kale or my ex’s pinky toe. Not sure which is grosser.
Dear Applesauce:   Why do banks charge money for insufficient funds, even though they know there isn’t any money?
           --  Overdrawn in Orondo
Dear Overdrawn,
Because bankers are in the business of making loans and charging interest (or is usury the correct term, Mr. Kintner?).   And what is interest, but made up money on money you don’t have that you had to borrow from smiling Mike. So it doesn’t really matter if there is real money in the account or not. You owe it and Mike is only too happy to send Uncle Vinnie out to collect it.   Dear Applesauce’s advice, forget the bank altogether and bury your money in the backyard! Just don’t go digging in DA’s backyard, you won’t like what you find (Uncle Vinnie isn’t the only one who knows how to take care of business! Capice?)
Have a question?   Click HERE .  Watch for your answer in a future Appleseed. 
Feel free to also comment on recent Q&A.   Important note - Appleseed editor is not responsible for this content. wink
Board meetings 2nd Thursday
  4:30 PM, ZOOM, with exceptions
(May 10)
   Meeting ID:92794079436
May 02, 21 - Service project opportunity at Pybus, Nick's Bricks
May 4 (Wednesday) - All-Service Club Luncheon (Steve Raible, speaker); no regular meeting
May 12-15 - District Conference in Wenatchee
May 21 - Rotary Pig Roast at Rotary Park, 3 PM.  Contact Pete
June 10 - Rotary Party at Historic Wells House.  Contact Pete.
Listing of officers and directors may be viewed on website home page.
Wish to propose a new member?  Download the form HERE.
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May 19, 2022
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