Volume LXXI(71) - # 30
January 27, 2022
January is Rotary's Vocational Service Month
January is Auction Time!     
By clicking the link, you can :
  • Purchase tickets.
  • See the organizations benefiting from the $150K net raised.
  • See all bid items, create a wish list, and
  • Email selection items to your friends. 
With Lynda Schlosser
ZOOM #89/Hybrid #38
Arranged by Rachel Evey
Attend via ZOOM OR in-person at
Pybus Market Event Center
   recurring ZOOM access -
   [Or dial 253-215-8782; enter meeting ID - 484-306-077#]
Rainbow Girls is an international organization for girls aged 11-20 years old. Rainbow prepares girls for responsible and purposeful adulthood through character and leadership development, encouraging unselfish service, and promoting teamwork and effective interpersonal communications.  Whether they dream of becoming a successful veterinarian, a talented musician, and amazing teacher, or a loving mother, Rainbow Girls learn they can accomplish anything and they can make a difference.

Lynda Schlosser is the Mother Advisor for the Wenatchee Rainbow Assembly. Born and raised in the Wenatchee Valley, Lynda grew up on an orchard and attended school in Entiat before graduating from Wenatchee High School. She joined Wenatchee Rainbow when she was 14 and became the Worthy Advisor (president) in 1969.

Lynda went on to work for the FBI in DC, House of Fabrics in Lacey, Dept. of Natural Resources in Olympia, Educational Service District 113, and substituted for about ten districts when living in Lacey. She served on the Board of the Washington State Business Education Association and served as President. Lynda taught at a number of high schools and served as yearbook advisor and a Future Business Leaders of America Advisor. After returning to the Wenatchee Valley in 2016, she has been involved with Wenatchee Rainbow Girls and the Order of Eastern Star ever since.




The meeting was conducted at Pybus Market Event Center.
It was a virtual (ZOOM) Hybrid session, and
was opened and led by club president, Alice Meyer.
View attendance list HERE for recent meetings.
NOTE:  All indoor meetings are currently held in venues where face coverings are mandatory.  Please honor the requirements of these establishments by wearing face-coverings properly.

AUCTION UPDATE.   The auction is NEXT WEEK!  
PP dynamic duo Pete Van Well and Mike Kintner gave another update. They were excited with the procurement progress with lots of GREAT stuff.  Sponsored tables are all taken.
Learn everything you need to know at the auction site HERE
Things most urgently needed:
  • Ticket sales at $75 each; purchase at the auction site.
  • A few more $25 gift cards would be valuable, especially for the Balloon-Pop. 
  • Volunteers to help move procurement items from Shannon Sims' office into the venue Saturday morning (8 AM - 10 AM)
  • Visit the WISH LIST and prepare to bid
Other Notes:
  • Tickets can also be purchased at the offices of Mike or Pete.
  • Anyone can bid and purchase items, even if not in attendance.  Read Mike's statement below.  
For non-attendees - If the attendee has registered their card through our website, they will have a bid packet prepared for them.  If they are not able to attend but wish to bid, they should arrange with someone they trust who will be in attendance that can raise their paddle for them.  If they want to handle things that way, they should send an email verifying they are authorizing their designee. They can email me at  Be sure to leave a phone # so I can verify their wishes.
Alternatively, they can have a friend bid using the friend's bid number- they would have to square up between the two of them afterwards.
Lastly, they can simply make a contribution before or after the event. 
Repeating - ON TV:    Mike encouraged members to view the recent interview with him and Marriah Thornock on NCW Life Wake Up Wenatchee, about 45 minutes into the show with Dan Kuntz.
Carin Smith, chair of our International Service Committee, made a dramatic announcement.  See Program Review below.
Repeated from last week - To aid the YMCA get public input, Director Dorry Foster has requested that we each complete a survey on the future of the local YMCA.   Anyone interested can take the survey here:
   YMCA survey   
CLOSING (CASA)  President Alice closed the meeting with an auction-related story, some local history of CASA, one of our beneficiaries, passed on by a friend Carol Wardell, and can be heard on the ZOOM video.  A version of the story is also found on the CASA website.
It all started with a Seattle juvenile court judge David W. Soukup in 1976.  Judge Soukup was kept awake at night because he had insufficient information to make a life-changing decision for a 3-year-old girl who had suffered from child abuse.  That’s where the idea sprung from, these children, who had experienced abuse or neglect, needed a caring, trained, and qualified adult to speak up for them in and out of the courtroom.    Read more HERE.
ROTARY FOUNDATION (TRF) GALA FEB. 23 A sequel to the 2021 celebration, ticket price is $120, with $100 of which will be credited towards your Paul Harris points, if you include your Rotary member ID number.  That number can be found in your ClubRunner profile, or on our published member list HERE.
MORE D5060 ANNOUNCEMENTS.   Please scan over the important message from PDG Peter Schultz to all district Rotarians, Jan. 21.  There are dates to save, but the main appeal is for candidates to serve as District Governor Designate.  Deadline to apply is March 15.  Acceptance means serving as District Governor in 2024-25.  Email: 
Appleseed suggestions or questions?  Contact secretary Frank -  
Luke Davies, arranged by Carin Smith
View ZOOM recording HERE (available for 2 weeks)
Zoom #88, Hybrid #37.

The speaker was introduced by his sponsor Carin Smith.  For his full bio, see the previous Appleseed HERE.   But first, Carin was excited to make a related announcement, an amazing segue into the program!  Carin's report....

We are thrilled to announce that our application to the Rotary Foundation for a Global Grant has been approved!  I am so grateful for our club’s support and patience as this process took much longer than we had anticipated!  Working with Sherry Chamberlain (PDG) and the HANWASH team has been an amazing experience, with so many talented people devoting their volunteer time to make this happen.
As you know, our club and District started in two years ago as supporters of one of the first HANWASH pilot projects working to bring water systems to Haitian communities.  The meaning of “pilot project” is becoming clear as we are putting in tons of work creating documentation, strategies, and processes that can be applied to future projects
Ours is the largest grant awarded to HANWASH to date.  Our project in Ferrier, Haiti, will include a large well that can serve more than just the initial village in the current grant proposal.  Supporters included many clubs in our District, as well as Districts from across the country including those in CT, MA, VT, PA, FL, SC, and more!  The process of writing the grant was fairly straightforward, but time consuming.  Then there was the waiting and postponing, then review by various levels of reviewers. The amount of our grant caused it to go through a much more rigorous review process than smaller grants, and we went through a flurry of urgent emails from them asking for various specific detailed pieces of information “today.”  Lesson learned is that it takes a big group with experience and clout to pull this off, and hooray for HANWASH for pulling it together!
Anyone who wants to be involved, without much work, can do so by observing one of the many regular HANWASH committee meetings.  Contact Carin for more info.  
Luke Davies MPH grew up in Orondo, finished his undergrad degree in 2009, and went to the Dominican Republic to work with organizations focused on water systems and health education.  The earthquake hit and he was sent to the border, where an abandoned orphanage served as a makeshift field hospital.  Luke walked around and asked who was in charge, and the groundskeeper said you can be, since you speak Spanish.  The initial caseload of 50 patients with 10 nurses and 2 doctors swelled to 350 patients, 5 doctors and 20 nurses.  Post-earthquake communications were via Facebook since other communication systems were down.  Luke took a 2 day crash course in disaster hospital management from the Harvard Humanitarian initiative.  With that prep he had 650 patients and 1000 volunteers over 6 weeks.  Then they were told to send all their patients back into Haiti.  Luke took a break, recovered from losing 20 lbs, and was sent to an established hospital in Port au Prince, where he spent 2 months working on special projects.  Then he was asked to teach disaster management and he said if given the materials, he could “proctor” it.  His students spoke 4 languages.  Luke worked with them for 8 months, during which they had another hurricane and a cholera outbreak, and he managed a displaced persons camp.  At this point he was considered the disaster management guru, so the Haiti Ministry of Health in Haiti had him coordinate the cholera response.  So he read up on it, including reading “The Ghost Map: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic,” about cholera and the beginning of public health and cholera in London in the 1800s.  Luke developed a cholera treatment center, which was run by World Vision and had one of the lowest mortality rates in the region.  Working there for a year, through February of 2011, he learned a lot about the culture, and speaking Haitian Creole.  He worked with incredible resilient, creative people.  After that, Luke applied to grad school to figure out, in hindsight, what he should have done.  Now he has an MPH degree and has worked in Africa, and is grateful for the Haiti experience.
One of the biggest parallels from his Haiti experience to our current pandemic, was the cholera outbreak.  Cholera had not been seen in Haiti for 100 years prior to 2010. The human response to any crisis (defined as something we cannot handle by ourselves) is the cycle of stages of denial, grief, acceptance, and motivation; there are fascinating parallels with cholera and Covid 19.  With cholera there were people who insisted their family member did not die of cholera.  The response was similar in setting up treatment centers, getting partners to the table to work together to figure out how to conduct surveillance, identify issues, education, hand washing, etc.  His team of 12 Haitian nationals were phenomenal in doing this.  To be able to quickly get people mobilized and able to respond is not that different even though we have different resource levels. Communication is everything.
One person there told him he cannot imagine what their living experience is like.  For example, for a 6-year-old kid to lug a huge jug of water over 2 miles and then have some outsider come in and say, “you cannot drink that, it is bad”.  We have to come in with humility and know we represent opportunity, but their lived experience is really challenging to grasp.
Here in the health district what we need to do is listen.  Without relationships, knowledge is not workable.  When asked, “Where in the spectrum of denial-anger-acceptance in the Wenatchee valley?” Luke said it is different for each person.  The main feelings here now are anger, frustration, exhaustion, and a bit of apathy.  “If I’m vaccinated, I’m fine, and what is the big deal?”  He reminds us that the issue is the vulnerable among us. How we treat the most vulnerable is a reflection on our values and our society.  Having grown up here, the values were “take care of others.”
Dear AppleSauce:   What is going to be the hot ticket at the Auction this year?
                                      --   Eager to Bid
Dear Eager,
Well who wouldn’t want to drop a load of cash to live with PP Kory in his van for a week? Oh, PP Kory doesn’t come with the van and it is only for a weekend? Then who is going to bring Dear Applesauce breakfast in bed during this glamping extravaganza?
Dear Applesauce:   What single auction item will create the biggest bidding war?
                                  -  Ready to Rumble
Dear Ready,
The New England fall color and the California desert trips should both create frenzied activity. Make sure to pace oneself and to bid heavily on all the wine available at the silent auction…that way if you don’t come out victorious, you can always drown your sorrows later.
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